Water heater

Getting started

  1. Before turning on the water heater, turn on the filter pump and make sure there is no air left in the water heater. This is confirmed by the absence of air bubbles when the water returns to the pool.
  2. Adjust the thermostat to the desired temperature considering the initial water temperature, weather conditions, etc.
  3. For safety, a safety button (reset buttons) protects the device against excessive temperature rise of 120C ° in the tank. If you have to restart the water heater, press the red safety button. Your appliance must have a water flow of 35 gallons minutes.
  4. The pH of the water should be about 7.4, its alkalinity: 120, and its hardness: 180-260, otherwise there is a risk of premature deterioration of internal parts. The warranty does not apply in these situations. Do water tests and sweep it every week.
  5. Make sure the tank is filled with water before switching on. A lack of water could cause permanent damage that is not covered by the warranty.