Water heater


  • Adjust the pressure switch if applicable to the installation, it must be tested by closing the pump, the water heater must be closed immediately. (Caution the water heater should not run without water for more than 3 seconds).
  • If you are installing a timer on the pump and / or the filter, a 240-volt timer must be set on the water heater to close it 30 minutes before the pump and / or filter.
  • For pools and spas with a salt machine: Do not exceed 3200 PPM, put titanium elements.
  • It is strongly recommended to install the water heater indoors or out of direct sunlight.
  • The water heater should always be installed by a qualified electrician to ensure a safe installation.
  • The pH of the water should be about 7.4, its alkalinity 120, and its hardness 180-260, otherwise there is a risk of premature deterioration of internal parts, the warranty does not apply in these situations. Balanced your water every week. Balanced your water every week.
  • Like all water heaters, VAL THERM water heaters must operate filled with water. Operation of the dry water heater may damage it. This damage is not covered by the warranty. In order to ensure that the water heater tank is always full, it is best to install it under the water level of the pool.