FAQ - Water heater

From ½ to 1 degree per hour, but it depends on these factors:

  • The current ambiance temperature of your pool. The water must pass several times to raise the temperature at the beginning of the season. It only goes about 2 times in a day, so it takes a few days when you leave the water heater. Subsequently it will maintain its temperature as specified above.
  • Is the area where you are colder or warmer
  • The exposure of your pool to the sun during the day
  • Put a sunscreen at night when the outside heat is cooler to keep the heat of your pool

Who can do after-sales service if my water heater needs service later?

You must call us so we can repair your water heater or you can help repair it yourself.

The installation is done by an electrician for the connection and by a pool professional for the installation of the plumbing.

How to target the right water heater

The pressure switch is a protection to protect the water heater, if there is not enough water pressure that enters the tube, the water heater will stop automatically,

The pressure switch is adjustable from 1 to 6 psi, by automatism it is adjusted to 3 psi, if your pump is not strong enough it is necessary to unscrew the roulette of the top which is taken in a drop of silicone.

At the time of installation it is best to test and close the pump to see that it is snug and if it does the job of shutting down the water heater automatically.